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WHEEL. The punishment of the wheel was formerly to put a criminal on a wheel, and then to break his bones until he expired. This barbarous punishment was never used in the United States, and it has been abolished in almost every civilized country.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Minelly, "Optical fibre polishing with a motor-driven polishing wheel," IEEE Electronics Letters, vol.
Production shops normally polish with power-driven polishing wheels, however, unless you have done a lot of polishing I recommend to hand polish using cloth-backed abrasives on a hard backer.
How old was the polishing wheel? What hardness did they use?
The feed ramp showed it had been kissed lightly with a polishing wheel after finishing, a nice touch which may have contributed to the little rifle's reliability.
A three-body abrasive wear situation occurs when loose particles can move in the interface between the specimen surface and the polishing wheel. Such a situation occurs when abrasives are intentionally deposited and can roll on top of the polishing substrate as will be illustrated for the case of the final polishing step with very small grains on soft lubricated pads.
Vasovich's design, which he modestly proclaimed to be "similar to a drill press," relies on a hand-operated fixture to draw 12 connectors at a time down to a diamond-surfaced polishing wheel. The pressure of the tool against the work is set through a spring-loaded micrometer, he said.