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Whoever is selected the new Arab League secretary-general, he has a momentous challenge: dealing with the stupendous changes that are rearranging the Middle East's political map.
Sure, there are changes to the political map, because the citizens voted to see the changes," said the Shiite premier, who has adopted a notably secular political outlook.
Barack Obama and John McCain locked horns on the crisis-hit US economy yesterday at the start of the first full week of a five-month White House election campaign that could redraft the political map.
The move transforms Thailand's political map, and raises questions about the military government's commitment to democracy.
For the first time in 50 years the political map in Scotland has changed.
A SHAKE-UP of the political map was greeted with shock today.
The European political map has changed overnight and Tony Blair must feel completely isolated.
Bush's decision to invade Iraq and change the political map of the Middle East was inspired by a small group of neo-conservatives (neo-cons).
In the past, the majority of women Knesset Members were from the left side of the political map, but today there are more women in the central (Shinui) and right parties.
In order to understand cyber security it is very difficult, but it is necessary, nonetheless, to try to forget about the political map of the world because most of the time when there is some sort of an attack on systems the immediate need is to protect the system.
Hopefully, it won't be long before we are on top of the political map.
If in the future they don't want to disappear off the political map altogether, they should dump Dunc