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Rowley Regis will disappear from the political map altogether and Adrian Bailey's West Bromwich West and Labour deputy Tom Watson's West Bromwich East constituencies could be scrapped in favour of a single West Bromwich constituency.
Religion, class, and ideology have set in place a political map that the successful candidate will have to navigate in order to become the GOP nominee.
The meeting that gathered the two men today constitutes in the restitution of the Christians' role and presence on the national political map," he deemed.
Another reason for re-drawing the political map was to get wards of uniform size, but some wards vary by thousands of electors under these draft proposals.
changes which resulted in a complete reshuffle of the political map of the region.
The movement has expressed its optimism that the national dialogue, scheduled to begin next Saturday at the Friendship Hall, will achieve positive outcome in drawing up the political map in Sudan.
Matsakis had more or less fallen off the political map since his term as MEP ended in 2009.
Sadly the political and media elite still do not understand why the political map is changing because they were not taught this scenario at their universities.
THE Liberal Democrats have not covered themselves in glory in this city in recent times - and now its national leadership seems hell-bent on wiping the party off the political map in Liverpool.
SULAIMANIYA/ Aswat al-Iraq: Kurdish Change Movement MP Aram Sheikh Mohammed stressed today that his Movement will abide by the Kurdish consensus on the new political map and the participation or non-participation in coming Iraqi government.
The newspapers said that political societies that were in the habit of instigating violence and terrorism under the guise of peaceful demonstrations will no longer have any place in the Kingdom's political map as they must be dissolved.
The minister, who is also Government's Spokesman, said that Jordan's efforts spearheaded by His Majesty King Abdullah II in defending just Arab causes and striving for regional and international peace, put Jordan's on the world's political map.