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The GLBTRT Award for Political Activism seeks to recognize librarians and library related organizations who have made outstanding contributions in the area of GLBT activism.
Conclusion: Political activism via social networking sites is playing significant role on adult person's mental health in terms of stress among different occupation.
Riad al-Solh Square has not always been a gathering point for political activism in Beirut.
Nevertheless, although requiring previous knowledge of Cuban history, Black Political Activism and the Cuban Republic illuminates how clientelism mediated social and racial conflict in Cuba--as in many other societies.
Any consideration of black political activism in nineteenth century New York will inevitably lead to a healthy admiration for the remarkable tenacity and continuity demonstrated by antebellum advocates of freedom and racial equality.
Ozdemir said wearing the Islamic head scarf is something that does not hinder her political activism and should not be the point of controversy.
Baez, a former girlfriend of Bob Dylan, has remained well known for her political activism as well as her singing.
White said it's just coincidence that the league is embroiled in two high-profile issues -- not an indication of growing political activism.
The other two book sections deal with stereotypical depictions (with chapters focusing on Japan, China and Essense magazine) and portrayals of political activism.
David Dorfman's latest work explores the controversial relationship between political activism and violence.
Mennonites, Politics, And Peoplehood is very highly recommended reading, both for its scholarly research and its profusely documented contribution an appreciation of the historical political activism and social involvement of the Mennonites.
This social movement consists of organized activities at the community level, political activism and is manifest in academic life and various media outlets.

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