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Political activism allowed under the law-and political activity that should be avoided
BEIRUT: Over the past decade, Riad al-Solh Square in Beirut's Downtown has emerged as focal point for political activism in the capital.
Any consideration of black political activism in nineteenth century New York will inevitably lead to a healthy admiration for the remarkable tenacity and continuity demonstrated by antebellum advocates of freedom and racial equality.
PICASSO'S post-war work and political activism come under the microscope when Tate Liverpool's new exhibition opens tomorrow.
Alternative news - grassroots site, with an extremely popular domain name, developed by an SEO expert for both political activism and as an ad revenue powerhouse.
He became a radical political economist, who tried to merge his teaching and political activism, for example, using a sabbatical to serve as research director for the United Farm Workers Union.
Global Banking News-14 January 2010-HSBC chairman warns against political activism against banks(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
Despite her political activism and flawless French, Ozdemir's presence in the political scene has raised concerns over her future success.
Organizers have warned athletes and visitors against engaging in any political activism during the August 2008 Olympic Games.
The issue also reignited tension between the church and Mexico's left, and led to renewed questions over whether clergy and Catholic groups can participate in political activism in a nation where religion and state are divided by law.
They returned home into leadership positions and had to wrestle with the choice between political activism and their medical careers.
Another rarity: chapters promote small, easy changes in lifestyles to achieve a transition between personal choice and political activism at the community level, providing keys to change any reader can use.

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