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In late December, another prominent Bahraini political activist underlined that the Manama regime had intensified its suppression of people by recruiting professional terrorists to kill the civilians.
BEIRUT: A group of political activists affiliated with the March 14 coalition accused Hezbollah Wednesday of preventing a civilian flight, destined to land at the nonoperational Qleit airport in north Lebanon, from taking off at Rafik Hariri International Airport last Friday.
A Muslim Uighur political activist in China has been named as the winner of a Norwegian human rights award.
The New York Jets named long-time Harlem community leader and political activist Larry Scott Blackmon as senior manager of public affairs.
This second edition has newer poems that continue to showcase Thomas's energy and intelligence, including a lovely poem written in memory of Tom Dent, the political activist, poet and cofounder of the Umbra Workshop.
In the harshest criminal penalty for a political activist in years, an Iranian court has sentenced Professor Hashem Aghajari to death.
As one who had come through the fire of that historic confrontation, I felt drawn both as a writer and political activist to further battle against the demon of nuclear secrecy.
Those booked by the police included Mohammad Younus Khan, Village Council Kosht Nazim Ghulam Mursaleen, Naib Nazim Waqar Ahmed, Jamaat-e-Islami Kosht Chief Nadir Khan, social and political activist Morder Mir Ayub Khan, Habib Anwar Lal, late Bulbul Khan Ayubi, Kissan Councilor Rafi and Rizwanullah Shah.
Prosecutor General Nabil Sadek referred a report against former presidential candidate and prominent political activist Hamdeen Sabahy to the prosecution for further investigation.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Ala'a al-Hosseini, a Bahraini political activist, blasted the western countries for rendering support for the Manama regime, and said the demise of Al Khalifa regime is imminent.
Legislative lawyer and political activist, Najla Al-Naqqi, told KUNA that the "reasonable" number of female candidates in the 2012 National Assembly elections has failed to meet her expectation.
An Iranian Kurdish political activist had been condemned to death in a trial that took only a few minutes

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