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The act of Pleading or arguing a case or a position; forceful persuasion.

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speaking for others. Previously restricted to aspects of the legal profession, various agencies now provide various advocacy services to assist individuals in other contexts.
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The organization will work for political advocacy, human rights awareness and to complement the existing social, cultural and charitable organizations that are doing work for Kashmir.
Whatever your opinion on such matters, the letter was clearly political advocacy, and it could be seen as particularly contentious because of the cur rent economy and the federal budget situation.
There is also fear of losing our religious identity when we partake in social and political actions and engage in political advocacy. In connection with the Church-State separation debate, many fear the involvement of religion in politics and policy-making because of its potential for authoritarianism as a threat to democracy.
The purpose of this study was to determine if a correlation exists between politically-oriented experiences and teacher candidates' sense of efficacy for political advocacy. Pre-service teacher candidates in a Texas university completed the Political Advocacy Scale of Efficacy for Teachers (PASET), a survey instrument designed to measure one's degree of efficaciousness toward political advocacy.
From Maine to Texas, the financial crisis and the corporate shocks buffeting credit unions have given rise to innovative approaches to political advocacy and grassroots activism that could serve as models.
My parish supplied pre-written and pre-addressed post cards on specific issues of political advocacy and we were directed in the homily to send them to designated public officials.
Nurses have a legacy of political advocacy. Nursing pioneers Florence Nightingale and Lillian Ward understood the use of power, how to develop policy, and how to move it through the political system.
The ads focus on members' experiences with different areas of the Chamber's services (networking, events, economic development, publications business exposure and political advocacy).
There's a thin line between paid and "natural" search engine results, political advocacy groups writing Wikipedia entries, or bloggers who are constant targets for advertisers that want to blend their message with the content.
* Supported by seed money from the Washington, D.C.-based public interest watchdog group, Public Citizen, a handful of medical schools, such as Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, N.Y., offer electives in political advocacy.
Political advocacy has been a recognized social work activity for many decades.

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