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The act of Pleading or arguing a case or a position; forceful persuasion.

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speaking for others. Previously restricted to aspects of the legal profession, various agencies now provide various advocacy services to assist individuals in other contexts.
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Eugene has a history of political advocates who operate in anonymity, at least for a while.
Doctors learn to be political advocates on state and federal levels.
City Councilmember Annise Parker, one of the first political advocates for HIV/AIDS on Houston's City Council, lent her support to calls for increased resources early on in the epidemic for the gay/lesbian community.
Instead Dudley George's name has become a rallying cry for busloads of social and political advocates, and a royal pain in the back end for Mike Harris, the former Ontario premier, on whose watch Dudley's days were ended.
Informed by evangelical Christian writers such as Marvin Olasky and political advocates on the religious right, Mr.
And if you're smart, you don't listen to the political advocates of faith-based this and that when they say they're only asking us to support programs that have been proven to work."
One of the coalition's most important benefits, Shaw says, is that it has provided a space for Native peoples to become political advocates in their own right.

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