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Two political conservatives recently had a lot to say about Iraq.
I wish especially to commend Roy Speckhardt's fine "run-down" of why a Humanist cannot be a political conservative.
That the only chair in Jewish Studies at Harvard Divinity is in Hebrew bible and ancient and medieval Judaism is predictable within the ecumenical deal; that he is an academic and political conservative is of interest as well.
Haider, who resigned as head of his party in February to appease a chorus of criticism and diplomatic chilliness from other European Union nations over the Freedom Party's alleged fascist tilt, is a fiscal and political conservative who favors eliminating a slew of government jobs, selling off state-owned industries, reducing taxes, bringing traditionally neutral Austria into NATO, raising the retirement age, and cutting pensions for early retirees.
The former political conservative also became a vocal opponent of the Vietnam War, leading a march on the Pentagon in 1967.
He is a political conservative who believes firmly in the melting-pot vision of nationality; one people, one common language, and traditions and values held in common.
It's a huge step for atheists to show that political conservative and religious conservative are not the same thing.
An avid reader and political conservative, he would frequently ask his children provocative questions like, 'Are you a raging, crazy Democrat?
The reclusive Scaife is known as a staunch political conservative who spent millions funding a series of investigations into President Clinton.
He also combats Alba's enduring reputation as a political conservative, drawing attention to his participation in the moderate policies of Charles V in Germany in the late 1540s, notably his backing for religious tolerance and his alliances with Protestant princes (p.
Pederson tried to defend his call for a new direction, saying, "I myself am a religious and political conservative.