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Two political conservatives recently had a lot to say about Iraq.
Pederson tried to defend his call for a new direction, saying, "I myself am a religious and political conservative.
senator who unsuccessfully ran for president in November; Dole's wife, American Red Cross head Elizabeth Dole; and political conservative Pat Buchanan, who unsuccessfully ran for president in the past two elections.
Despite this, as alleged by Klayman, Loeb, who is a liberal Democrat and a Jew, took it upon himself to smear Klayman, viewing Klayman as in effect a "Jew for Jesus" and a political conservative to boot, for which he took extreme offense.
A single conservative position--such as an anti-gun control stance--doesn't make someone a political conservative any more than believing in gun control would make an otherwise politically conservative person a liberal.
was a political conservative who had even done organizing for the Ku Klux Klan.
29, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Whether or not you become a political conservative or liberal may be predetermined by your brain.
While men continue to come forward who mistakenly believe they had sex with Larry Craig, who is not gay, dammit, we turn our attention to another political conservative who believes he has some explaining to do.
Dinesh D'Souza (Jul 13 Monte Carlo to Lisbon) - Top public policy-maker and political conservative author.
Many believe Vice President Dick Cheney, a longtime CFR member with an undeserved image as a political conservative, is the real power wielder behind the throne.
Rumors abound that Clancy, a political conservative who favors increased military spending, has technical sources in high and secret places.
While Murdoch -- a political conservative -- would undoubtedly have much in common with Robertson on the political front, the two might part company on television programming.