political corruption

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His murder is intended to intimidate journalists, but also anyone who asks for political corruption to be punished.
Years later, the mayor hires the detective during a re-election campaign to find out if his wife is having an affair - but the investigation uncovers a web of political corruption.
If political parties receive any shadow financing, their leaders will be held criminally responsible for political corruption," Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk emphasised at the International Anti-Corruption Conference Preventing.
Megan Barker's new version has historic child abuse and political corruption at the Alving family's rotten core.
Not surprisingly in a country beset by recent corruption scandals, inefficiency and political corruption comes in as the second most important problem for Spaniards 28.
The bishops expressed concern about the impact of high unemployment and the spread of political corruption in a region where 'Ndrangheta has mushroomed into one of the most powerful organized crime groups in the world through drugs and arms trafficking, extortion and other operations.
Political corruption signifies the participation of elected public officials in corrupt acts, whereas bureaucratic corruption entails unelected civil servants.
A surprisingly lighthearted and sexy crime drama series, Murder in Suburbia has moments of tongue-in-cheek humor, back-sass, and sisterhood, as the unlikely femme not-so-fatale duo must take on political corruption, questionable millionaires, and money-hungry real estate agents, in this capricious saga
political corruption + economic injustice = increased pollution, poverty What officially began as rehabilitation efforts for the fishermen's ports in Beirut became construction efforts to privatize the port and deny these fishermen their livelihoods.
13 ( ANI ): Women are less likely to approve and participate in political corruption as compared to men, in countries where corruption is stigmatized, according to a new study.
Facing starvation and the harsh trials of winter, this memoir chronicles a year spent in isolation and on the run from political corruption.

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