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However, Duterte also acknowledged that his family has its own political dynasty in his hometown Davao City where his children now hold key local posts.
Drilon explained that under his bill, "a political dynasty is deemed to exist when a person who is the spouse of an incumbent elective official or a relative within the second civil degree of consanguinity or affinity of an incumbent elective official holds or runs for an elective office simultaneously with the incumbent elective official within the same city and/or province or occupies the same office immediately after the term of office of the incumbent elective official.
The tragedy of a political dynasty is that it puts loyalty over competence, but gets neither loyalty nor sensibility as a result.
Representative of Rhode Island, signaling a break in the Kennedy political dynasty.
With Gandhis struggling in India, the curtains almost certainly appear to be coming down on the rule of the most prolific and charismatic political dynasty in the country.
The proposed measure further states that a political dynasty exists where two or more spouses or relatives within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity run simultaneously for elective public office within the same province, even if neither is related to an incumbent elected official.
The Clintons will be another US family political dynasty, if Hillary wins the glittering prize of the presidency later this year.
" Under the third bill, a political dynasty relationship exists when: "..
Drilon said he expects his fellow senators "to give the bill a fighting chance, and that they will uphold the democratic interests of our people foremost once we commence debating and crafting the anti- political dynasty bill."
" To promote one's political dynasty with or without a law certainly is lack of integrity and unjust.

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