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The NEC said the launch of the political empowerment programme by Shaikh Khalifa reflected his visionary outlook to promote gradual political participation in the country.
Iran was rated very low on political empowerment, which is based on the proportion of women serving in the legislature and cabinet.
The political empowerment programme was always a success and it is not that only women who are contesting are part of these workshops.
Political Empowerment One outcome involves creating a new independent authority named the "Supreme Council for Youth" with a mandate to steer and supervise public policy and monitor its implementation to ensure protection of youth from social and health risks and violence, and institute clear policies and mechanisms for youth participation and inclusion in public policy making.
Jordan's comprehensive graded reforms are led by his Majesty King Abdullah II "through which we seek to enhance our experience of democracy and political empowerment of Jordanian citizens (and their) participation in decision-making," Safadi said.
The State of Kuwait is "a real and integrated example of democracy" for other countries in the domain of woman political empowerment, the two MPs affirmed in statements to KUNA on the fringe of a workshop titled, "towards a treaty of political rights of Arab woman.
The MENA region has some of the highest restrictions on women's civil liberties in the world, and progress on promoting women's political empowerment over the last several years has been uneven.
According to the MoU, the two organisations will undertake a series of programmes and activities related to political empowerment, raise awareness of the empowerment programme launched by UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and establish a culture of political participation and political awareness in the emirates.
The US fell one spot to 23rd, primarily due to the relatively stronger performance of countries such as China, Malta, Lithuania, France and Bulgaria on the political empowerment subindex.
In the first 144 pages of the volume, she presents chapters on: constitutional provisions and institutional arrangements for disadvantaged groups; welfare and development of Scheduled Castes; welfare and empowerment of Scheduled Tribes; welfare and empowerment of Other Backward Classes; socio-economic development of minorities; economic, social, and political empowerment of women; protection, welfare, and development of children; welfare and empowerment of persons with disabilities; welfare of older persons; and rehabilitation of social deviants.
All of these struggles are documented in Just a Union and examined as a model of political empowerment.
The document has divided the problems faced by the Muslim community into four broad themes: social and economic marginalisation, educational backwardness, lack of security, and the absence of political empowerment.