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According to the New York Daily News, the 2013 trend marks a reversal from 2012, when Republican Mitt Romney was the biggest butt of political jokes.
One of Zhai's friends, named Pu Fei, also said authorities went too far in their actions, given that political jokes are always posted online.
It is a total joke, a complete and utter political joke.
The political joke, with its incongruities and its mechanisms for making those incongruities appropriate allows for a momentary revision of reality.
To anyone really concerned with the future of Britain it was always obvious that New Labour was a natural successor to Thatcherism - indeed she welcomed it - and that the love of money over the service of people, which is the force behing the UNICEF report and many like it, would therefore remain in the ascendancy, though it was dressed up in the political joke of all time: "That its heart lay in Christian Socialism".
Clearly, this is nothing but a mean-spirited, cheap political joke that mocks the legislative process and shows its Democratic supporters hold the public as well as their own offices in contempt.
In November, television late-night hosts delivered monologues full of Osama bin Laden and Taliban one-liners, and by February, their political joke count was above the pre-September 11 levels.
He used the fact that it was also the date of the Democratic mayoral candidates' run-off election as fodder for a political joke, saying the results that day would determine "who is going to come in second on Nov.
It will drop out of the political joke book now woolly bonfires blaze across the nation.
One night, after one of his formal dinners as Prime Minister, we took tea and I told him an elaborate political joke.
Similarly, Benton (1988) claimed that 19th century Jews living in Eastern Europe and tsarist Russia invented the political joke as a way of criticizing their political oppressors in a way that would not result in destructive reprisals.