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One of Zhai's friends, named Pu Fei, also said authorities went too far in their actions, given that political jokes are always posted online.
80) Oriol Pi-Sunyer regarded political jokes told in Spain as "the oral equivalent of guerilla warfare.
The Center for Media and Public Affairs, in an analysis of the humor content of late-night television, found that political jokes by late-night comics dropped by 54 percent in the month following September 11, but in February they were up 38 percent from their pre-September 11 averages.
He used the fact that it was also the date of the Democratic mayoral candidates' run-off election as fodder for a political joke, saying the results that day would determine "who is going to come in second on Nov.
It will drop out of the political joke book now woolly bonfires blaze across the nation.
One night, after one of his formal dinners as Prime Minister, we took tea and I told him an elaborate political joke.
Similarly, Benton (1988) claimed that 19th century Jews living in Eastern Europe and tsarist Russia invented the political joke as a way of criticizing their political oppressors in a way that would not result in destructive reprisals.
Political joke of the week has to be the one about John Major being compared to a pair of curtains by former Tory treasurer Lord McAlpine.
In one classic political joke, he is the only character to emerge unscathed: Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Gary Hart, and Joe Biden are on a boat.
Before the 1992 election, a political joke suggested that Democratic men in Washington were dating Republican women in order to replenish their gene pool so that they could produce a winner.
along-LOST saucy seaside postcard featuring a tongue-incheek political joke is being reprinted for the General Election campaign.
That's not the opening line of a lame political joke - the 44-year-old Labour leader is now 4-5 on to be in Downing Street next year.