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In other words, Buchanan was a classical political liberal.
Greene assesses our claim to be political liberals with respect to "scope" and "grounds.
We claim that insofar as Lloyd and Baehr attempt only to demonstrate that political liberals can accept particular political conceptions of justice that contain substantive feminist content, they miss the full feminist potential of political liberalism as such.
It might surprise anyone who hadn't heard of Flanagan before the flap about this book that she's a serf-identified political liberal who mentions the eminently sensible idea of making a private provision for her nanny and then dismisses it on the grounds that her knee jerks in favor of the current Social Security system's set-aside.
A political liberal, he advocated repeal of the Corn Law, Catholic Emancipation, and rights for Dissenters.
He is considered more of a political liberal than many bankers.
She grew flowers, delved into family genealogy, enjoyed English mystery novels, and was a political liberal.
But Syrett, also a political liberal, said she is disappointed that "these particular folks have come out so strongly against" the fee.
Janet used to be the spokeswoman for Concerned Women for America and could not be mistaken for a theological or political liberal.
She raised beautiful flowers, delved seriously into family genealogy, enjoyed English mystery novels, and was a dedicated political liberal.
Valle has attracted support from a variety of contributors - from the Eugene Association of Realtors to the wife of former City Councilor David Kelly, a political liberal like Taylor.