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Her list begins with John Adams, who was indeed an Enlightenment rationalist and a liberal in religious matters but who was not a political liberal in his own time or by most modern definitions.
However, this being acknowledged, Buchanan got it completely right as an institutional classical political liberal.
In the end, the question whether we are "true political liberals" or whether Greene is a truer political liberal is less important than the question whether we have put forward an attractive and persuasive view.
Indeed, many find political liberalism compelling because political liberals accept the fact of deep yet reasonable pluralism and its resulting challenges for democratic states and their citizens.
In this way, the book offers an excellent and truly unprecedented account of Kant's practical philosophy--moral and political--in its entirety, and connects it to the most pressing issues engaging contemporary moral and political liberal discourse.
Williams, a social and political liberal, claimed scripture was not supernatural revelation from God.
Buscombe argues that these films reflected political liberal thought from the 1950s and 1960s attempting to reverse the nearly universal negative portrayal of Indians.
He surely cannot mean a political liberal, since economists and game theorists tend to be rather conservative politically.
When a real American constitutionalist makes headway in this country the political liberal news whores can't stand up to the truth -- just name calling is in their agenda.
The embattled NAE official told RNS that he considers caring for the planet to be part of a "biblical mandate" but added, "There are people who, because of my views on climate change--which are very mainstream--want to pin the label of being a political liberal on me, which, of course, is not true.
Hirsch had always seen himself as a political liberal and was taken aback by the critics' harsh words, but he was undeterred.
Ringer correctly reads Weber as a political liberal in the tradition of J.