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He has informed that all those involved in damaging Hajj operations with connivance of a political lobby had been singled out, and he would be disclosing the information to interior minister Rehman Malik and other investigative departments for further strict action.
As usual there is the political lobby of retired or " lost" politicians who are leaving nothing to chance not only to make sure they find a place but find one on the board of one of the top five public sector banks like the SBI or Canara Bank.
And as all groups with a lot of money at stake do, they developed a hugely powerful political lobby with millions of dollars to throw around to curry favor with politicians.
the political lobby for North-Eastern devolution behind the campaign around LG (which is an artificially manufactured attempt to find a rallying banner and which has only occurred over the past five years or so; prior to this it was not really any sort of issue).
Yet the United States, pricked by the powerful Jewish domestic political lobby, annually throws billions of dollars at Israel, which then builds a fence to keep out the Palestinians who are desperate for work and money.
The notion of a truly bilingual Wales is a lie; multi-cultural elements and the political lobby and the Welsh language activists have destroyed more than they could ever hope to create.
Live Aid made a difference in as much as it set out to create a political lobby, an issue that was nowhere on the agenda at the time, and bring it to the top.
New crew: The newly formed Recreational Fishing Alliance, billed as the only national nonprofit political lobby group for saltwater sports anglers, has launched its first national membership drive.
The "foot-in-the-door" disproportionate influence of the Plaid Cymru political lobby will then be put in perspective.
The gay community now forms a noisy, vociferous and increasingly political lobby which is quick to take offence at anything which might conceivably be construed -at least by themselves -as ``homophobic.
Leaders of a North-East political lobby group have been reprimanded by the district auditor after allegations they used taxpayers' cash to promote a regional assembly.