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However, although Goldman writes about his grief (and his gradual "reawakening") as powerfully here as he did in Say Her Name, those looking for as astute a political commentary as that found in The Art of Political Murder will be disappointed.
Let us be absolutely clear what the larger implications are of political murder by executive fiat.
A terrorist attack for the purpose of political murder on U.
That was a political murder," Deputy Interior Minister of Kyrgyzstan Melis Turganbaev said in an interview with the Public Service Broadcasting Company OTRK on September 14 about the murder of former Chief of President's Administration Medet Sadyrkulov, former Director of the International Studies Strategic Institute and driver Kubat Sulaimanov in March 2009.
A former FBI agent is tempted back into the fold by evidence suggesting a political murder is not as cut and dried as it seems 1996 **
Powerful officials, the politically savvy or economically influential have become victims of political murder.
We cannot say that this is a political murder because it is still under investigation.
While BNP's leader Ishaq Baloch termed target killing a political murder and added that it was a great loss to the Baloch people.
Having carried out a campaign of political murder in Lebanon, including the killing of a prime minister for which he has yet to be held accountable, Mr.
THERE is no such thing as political murder, political bombing or political violence.
HaririAAEs death was not the first political murder to take place in Lebanon.
This tragedy, in the heart of the Austrian capital, appeared to be a crime of passion, but it was the result of political murder and clairvoyance.