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After Kim Jong Un took power, anyone caught talking to the South is sent to political prison camps out of fear.
Autobiography and the 'Power of Writing': Political Prison Writing in the Apartheid Era.
For 20 years in notorious political prison of Robben Island, he was subjected to manual labour and had to break-up the boulders with hammer and to quarry limestone.
Having been but a baby dissident myself, I never did get to experience the formative hells of a political prison in a workers' paradise.
position was that he drowned, embassy staffers in Santiago long suspected that Weisfeiler was picked up by the Chilean military, who thought he was a spy, and turned over to Colonia Dignidad -- a sinister religious sect run by former Nazis and used as a political prison by the Pinochet regime.
Your story on North Korea's Auschwitz - Political Prison Camp No16 - proved this is not true.
Public executions and enforced disappearance to political prison camps serve as the ultimate means to terrorize the population into submission.
PYONGYANG (TAP) - Following the execution of Jang Song Taek for allegedly plotting to overthrow the North Korean state, Daily NK has learned that a substantial number of the former elite official's blood relatives are being transferred to political prison camps.
She described meetings in December with two survivors of North Korea's network of political prison camps -- believed to hold at least 200,000 people -- listing rampant violations inside the camps that "may amount to crimes against humanity.
Shin, who is believed to be the only person born in a North Korean prison camp who has ever escaped to tell about it, painted a devastating portrait of life in Camp 14, a political prison located in the mountains 50 miles north of Pyongyang.
During his four-year presidency, Obama failed to uphold his campaign promise to shut down the political prison on Cuba.
Shin, political prison camps," the official was quoted as saying.