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They produce what is wanted, and what is easy for them, instant comments on the likely political reaction to events, and the motivations they presume lay behind the making of those decisions.
Assiduously courted by the late Pope John Paul II, it has become a formidable underground force for traditionalist values and political reaction within the Catholic Church.
While special-interest groups spar in Sacramento, the bill has sparked some political reaction from teens.
That's because many economists maintain that it's not the cost of oil that harms the economy during a price spike, but the microeconomic uncertainty caused by supply disruptions, the costs of adjusting to high prices and the political reaction to soaring energy prices.
Olson said that the current regulations expire at the end of the week and any lapse in the disclosure regulations might result in an adverse political reaction.
The conservative political reaction that gathered momentum in responding to Kotzebue's assassination and dominated the political scene in the 1820s and 30s was supported by a growing tide of religious conservatism in the same period.
He remained critical of the rising political reaction in Turkey, but also grieved over his forced separation from the country that continued to provide inspiration for his poetry.
But you must ask yourselves this question--is it sustainable, or just the normal political reaction to appease the public?
I find Mexico's public and political reaction to be incomprehensible and irrational, considering how Mexico has sought our help in times of trouble, but is now hesitant to provide support when the U.
It is almost impossible to believe the New Zealanders could divert half or even a third of their usual UK-bound tonnage into continental markets, as the political reaction of the French in particular would be all too predictable.
Over the last 30 years, the design of prisons has been dominated by political reaction to the phenomenal rise in crime which resulted in dramatic increases in prison population.
The Great Depression is remarkable as an economic collapse and for the political reaction that it produced.