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Three years ago, Egyptian film circuits were abuzz with reporters announcing that a biopic about controversial political reformer and Muslim Brotherhood (MB) founder Hassan Al-Banna was in the pipeline.
But it certainly paints a fuller, much more complex picture than the official narrative of the plainspoken woman of the people cum political reformer who just wants to clean up the mess in Washington.
He was an author, scholar, theologian, preacher, political reformer and pacifist.
In his 1829 Advice to Young Men, the radical journalist and political reformer William Cobbett wrote: "Resolve to free yourselves from the slavery of the tea and coffee and other slop-kettle.
A tour of the Hermitage today includes the thrilling rags-to-riches story of a gallant frontiersman, chivalrous romantic, and political reformer.
2000, Ramli has been a political reformer and a prominent economist.
Mr Blair said yesterday: "We are pleased at the choice because he is an economic and political reformer.
Because he was a political reformer, he also wanted to use the Republican party as an instrument of change.
Besides honoring the 19th-century French scientist and political reformer Francois Arago, the "longest sculpture in Paris," as Dibbets calls it, offers those armed with the list of medallion locations a magnificent pretext for walking through six of the city's arrondissements and centuries of its history.
A veteran political reformer and civil-rights supporter, defender of labor unions and family farms, and backer of single-payer health-care reform, Simon has proven that progressives can win in Illinois.
The initial chapter sketches Brennan's family background and his father's career as a labor and political reformer.
Such protests in the states of San Luis Potosi and Guanajuato two years ago effectively ended Salinas' honeymoon as a political reformer.