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The four Iranians are political refugees, having fled their countries out of fear for their lives and that of their family members.
Morris Nachtomi, chairman of Tower Air, stated, "Because of our long standing relationship with the International Organization for Migration, we are sensitive to the plight of political refugees throughout the world.
Sylikiotis said that 1,300 political refugees were now receiving state benefits, a reduction of 300.
Labour minister Sotiroulla Charlambous tried to put the record straight on Monday when discussing a bill prepared by a group of deputies stipulating that political refugees and asylum seekers were given material - as opposed to cash - assistance by the state.
Public assistance to political refugees constitutes a brutal provocation" and it should be scrapped right now.
The family had immigrated to the United States in October, after fleeing Iran as political refugees.
Furthermore, it was revealed that other consumers rather than the state foot the bill for the 30 per cent reduction on bills offered to certain groups, such as large families and political refugees.
6 million for political refugees could have been used for the children of mother refugees.
He claimed that the 2,000 persons listed as political refugees in Larnaca were in fact only the Aofamily heads,Ao and that many more received benefits as dependents.
Concluding, he expressed his party's concern over the e1/422 million request for the needy, part of which, he said, would be given to political refugees -- meaning that the total funds given to political refugees would exceed e1/430 million.
Michaelidou was referring to the current policy that only allowed political refugees access to medical treatment in Cyprus because state funding did not extend to treatment abroad.
According to the Kurdish Democratic Committee, the Health Ministry did not approve the application to send the baby abroad because funding for overseas medical treatment does not apply to political refugees.