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Therefore, it is important to analyze these relationships vis-a-vis different political regimes in Pakistan.
In my interpretation of Acemoglu and Robinson's (2006) model, the implicit key variable in both of the cases conducive to the adoption of institutions of economic freedom is the expectation of political regime stability.
However, for upper-middle income Tunisia and particularly for low-middle income Egypt, this tension would pose a formidable challenge to the stability of Islamically organized political regimes.
On the other hand, we find strong evidence that changes in political regimes are able to account for the deviations from the optimal Taylor rule.
The report effectively evaluates the economic development of Pakistan in both the democratic and military rules and compares the financial progress in both the political regimes.
In other words, they attempt to resolve the Kurdish national question within the borders of existing political regimes, in Ankara, in Baghdad, in Damascus or in Tehran.
On the other hand, political stability conceptualizes the probability that the current political regime remains in place for the subsequent period.
Roy argues that the political regimes of the 1990s are no different from those of the last decade; and the Islamism of the 1980s is still largely the third worldism of the 1960s, that is, populist politics and mixed economies of laissez-faire for the rich, and subsidies for the poor.
The purpose of the present paper is to take the analysis one step further by examining the impact of changes in political regimes on the market's reaction to specific agency decisions.
Bonegus subscribes to the same logic of political change, Bonegus considering that this refers to "the change of totalitarian political regimes to democratic ones" (3).
We originally set up these operations when the countries were emerging from their previous political regimes.
What joke with a bad taste is being played when we constantly hear that Arab political regimes are working hard to allow for public participation in political matters?