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This article assesses the impact of political regime stability, as measured by political regime experience or the number of years a particular political regime has been in place, on the adoption of institutions of economic freedom.
It balances theoretical speculations on the nature of the Russian political regime with a new, refreshing perspective on the acute problems of state-society relations, explored through several case studies.
real interest rates are consistent with changes in political regimes such as in the party of the presidency or in the chair of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed).
The colonialists not only left behind problems that could cause bigger problems, but they also left their own political regime and administrative structure.
ISSICEU explores intra-societal frictions and their regional impact in the political regimes focussing mainly on dynamics of communal governance; the interplay of religious and state actors and practices of civic participation.
Berri said that the desire of plotters against the country was not to develop the political regimes in the region or democracy, but is a camouflage of intentions in order to mix papers and awaken the sectarian problems.
The events in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, and now in Syria, without doubt are spontaneous movements of the people and have rocked the foundation of traditional political regimes of the region.
there will not be any policy difference between the current and future political regimes.
Over the last few decades, millions of Chinese citizens have travelled to and from, studied and lived in, every country under all kinds of political regimes on the planet.
Thad Dunning, 2008, Crude Democracy: Natural Resource Wealth and Political Regimes (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2008)
We are set to formalize the foundations of the freedom of expression, since before coming to the power, we suffered from tough pressure of the previous political regimes, including that from government-controlled media," the press service cited Roza Otunbaeva as saying.
Focusing on the period stretching from 1794 to the establishment of the Consulate under Napoleon's rule, this volume is intended to examine "the political culture" of the three successive political regimes of these ten years "and the origins of French Liberalism within that political culture" (p.