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A political rhetoric based upon and in recognition of constitutional and democratic standards and limitations will allow everyone to make thoughtful and prudent decisions.
In this respect, Political Tone provides an important service to the study of political rhetoric by drawing a road map that future scholars would be wise to follow.
The instances of political rhetoric are out of place and have nothing to do with dawa.
For years, it has been an important part of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's political rhetoric to her domestic audience that Germany will not bail out the criminally improvident Greeks.
The air guitarist of political rhetoric is now our special envoy to the Middle East having been rejected by the British people and his own party.
Edri says he fully understands that he is just a private citizen, but hopes his appeal can cut through the political rhetoric that threatens war.
Giffords (D-AZ) and thirteen others were wounded by a deranged gunman at a Tucson, Arizona, supermarket, politicians, news commentators, and private citizens wondered whether the harshness of the nation's political rhetoric might have provoked the assault.
Among all the slogans, political rhetoric and activities at the Pearl Roundabout, the most revealing sight and one that sums up the Arab mentality regarding work and responsibility is that of the foreign utilities labourers cleaning up the rubbish.
A GOOD reason for having elected mayors across the UK was highlighted this week in the continuing political rhetoric being exchanged between local and central government parties about the cuts, with each side accusing the other, of course, of ignorance, stupidity and irresponsibility.
To what extent do political rhetoric and the current political atmosphere feed that kind of violence and fear?
The president rightly steered clear of the acrimonious debate that had commanded so much attention in the wake of the shootings - over what role political rhetoric may have played in this tragedy, or whether stronger gun control laws might have prevented it.
A defiant Palin, leaping into a roaring debate on the consequences of overheated political rhetoric, said her critics had been irresponsible in rushing to blame Saturday's gun rampage on vitriolic campaign speech.

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