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How this happened is the subject of James Harding's book, Alpha Dogs: The Americans Who Turned Political Spin Into a Global Business.
One reason Rachel's is so useful to activists is that it takes scientific issues and gives them a political spin," says Gibbs.
See, newspapers are wonderful because they put a political spin on something.
There's no quick and easy way for concerned citizens to take democracy out of the hands of the political spin masters and public relations experts, but there are ways we can make a start.
Their work makes it harder, rather than easier, to cope with the nation's problems, because of their relentless emphasis on discord, prediction, and political spin.
I expect a lot of voters will find it a welcome change from the political spin and daily hyperventilating from the pundits.
The Oppositions latest political spin on Ms Efimova, who has repeatedly refused to appear in court proceedings in cases unrelated to politics and brought before her allegations surfaced, can only be seen as an attack on the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law.
Point of Brexit lost in political spin HARD Brexit, soft Brexit, I have listened to the political elite, watched the business tycoons, read the editorials and now we see the negotiations, and all I can see is a gooey Brexit full of compromise and stitch-ups.
Labour's Shadow Housing Minister John Healey branded it political spin.
That makes ministers look as if they are involved in cynical political spin.
And not make me cringe at yet another piece of mealy-mouthed and deliberately misleading political spin.
The real reasons for crime are past failure in education, parenting, poverty in our towns and cities, socio-economic divide, media violence and political spin doctoring policies in public life and failure in local resources.