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According to the lawsuit, the company has failed to protect employees, especially white men, from workplace harassment related to their support of US President Donald Trump or conservative political views.
Since being in the Army and in BLA (British Liberation Army) he is known to have been in touch with the Headquarters of (Communist Party newspaper) the Daily Worker and it is reasonable to suppose his political views have not changed.
The officials also exchanged political views on regional and international issues of mutual concern, including the latest developments in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya.
Yes, it's all right for celebrities to be outspoken about their political views.
village chief's son Mehmet Yildiz opened fire after disagreeing with the political views in a discussion.
Finally, writing about their political views in social media and the university's newspaper is also considered as the most popular way students are using to get their message across.
Just as with other touchy subjects, such as religion, one must be careful about when and with whom to share political views," explains Challenger.
He is being targeted for his political views and he did not say anything bad about the Shi'ite sect.
The Uruguay Football Association board said that they have taken the decision to resign in order to allow other political views to govern the country's football.
CELTIC chief executive Peter Lawwell demanded supporters leave their political views at home after UEFA began disciplinary action against the club for an "illicit banner".
He said the right to free expression of political views is a cornerstone of democracy, but that right is not absolute.