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Nick Watson, 21, a university student, said: "I have my own political views but I definitely wouldn't let them get in the way.
However, I can imagine situations in which the same data and technology is used to predict political views or sexual orientation, posing threats to freedom or even life.
LaCota says that having opposing political views is no more important than differing over any other interests.
The Catholic view of marriage is not a political view, it is a religious view.
Imprisoning activists for peacefully voicing their political views is an ugly stain on Indonesia's recent improvements in human rights,'' Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch, is quoted as saying.
In particular it must be understood that political views promoting discrimination, like those of the BNP, should be prohibited.
RECENTLY some teenage children gave their political views in the Telegraph.
The more he and his party were put under the media spotlight through this debate, the quicker both he and his party's racist political views will be confined to the political dustbin of history.
Or he may view the knowledge of correct English as incompatible with his political views.
In the second and third chapters Nyden-Bullock discusses the Radical Cartesian pamphlets of Lambertus van Velthuysen and the De la Court brothers, and the political views of some of Spinoza's associates in the Amsterdam Circle.
The old argument is that he's privileged, out of touch and shouldn't express political views.
However, the authority is not party politically-led and we make decisions for the good of the people of Merseyside, independent of any personal political views that either the councillors, or other members may hold.