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The demographic characteristics of this group were, not surprisingly, similar to those found identified in specification (1)--those who are politically liberal, young, female, and have advanced degrees are more likely to purchase fair trade, when there is no price premium.
Prominent national Republican speechwriter Peggy Noonan recently stated that "arguing over whether PBS is and has been politically liberal is like arguing over whether the ocean is and has long been wet.
In addition, the results of this study support Kleemann and Richardson's (1985) findings that politically conservative students were less critical than politically liberal students; students with lower grade point averages (lower than 2.
While most of the people in Kohn's book describe themselves as conservative, a few are politically liberal and say they regularly vote Democrat.
Modigliani was raised in a politically liberal and intellectually precocious household: He grew up reading Dante and Spinoza, and the strains of classical Italian humanism and Hebraic tradition mingle easily in his art.
The politically liberal Sultan rules his family as a dictatorship.
3) Al Franken, left, Janeane Garofolo and her co-host Sam Seder are trying to overcome the glitches that have plagued their Air America shows during the politically liberal radio network's first days on the airwaves.
Bible-believing" Christians and congregations began to separate from their science-accommodating and politically liberal denominations, and especially to delegitimize their denomination's seminaries and university-based divinity schools.
Some of these senators were politically liberal, but came from religious backgrounds that had firm, clear teachings on abortion, and they often found it difficult to reconcile their political and religious beliefs.
He reviews three politically liberal books denying media liberal bias versus one conservative book affirming it, and rushes to a judgment favoring political liberals.
This decline came coupled with an increase of those freshmen who self-identified as politically liberal.
Maryland has a reputation as being one of the most politically liberal states in the nation.

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