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In terms of priors, we suspect that more politically liberal respondents are more likely to be aware of and to be willing to pay a higher premium for fair trade since liberals are normally more sympathetic to nonmarket-based outcomes than conservatives.
From the rise of the research university and the proliferation of secular colleges in the late 19th century to the Progressive--and New Deal-era enthusiasm for melding scientific research with social reform; from the postwar McCarthyist worry that there was a communist behind every lectern to the campus unrest of the 1960s, the American professoriate has for over a century been "imprinted" anew as a guild for theologically and politically liberal thinkers.
Bulgarians can talk at great length about what went wrong in 1989-90 and why the country didn't immediately become economically successful and politically liberal after the end of the Cold War.
An economically prosperous and politically liberal united GCC, where democratic rights are expressed freely and with strong military power will be a reality in the near future, God willing.
Many commentators, myself included, have viewed the AK Party, based on its discourse and policies, as "socially conservative, politically liberal.
Though politically liberal Catholics applaud the report, conservatives called it unofficial, stating that it does not carry the full force of church teaching since it was issued by a Vatican office and not by the pope himself.
A book that has received great praise for its honesty, the story is about a politically liberal father who receives word that his son was secretly fighting with the Taliban and was killed.
Thus, the book provides an interesting survey of an interface between evolutionary biology and politics, but is far from convincing in its advocacy of a particular politically liberal conclusion.
As a sidebar, one such site, PLAN, tried to defend itself by saying we picked on them because they are a politically liberal website.
NEW YORK: Air America, a politically liberal talk-radio network, said on Thursday it would cease operations and file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection to begin an orderly wind down of its business.
businesses seeking cheap labor, substantial legal assistance from the Mexican government, and a powerful open borders lobby run by politically liberal elites.
Australia) argues that allowing such an omission is to overlook a crucial current of sociopolitical development that was, at the time, "perceived as playing a critical role in the development of a united, economically progressive, and politically liberal Germany," whereas integrating German imperialism into one's historical understanding reveals it as a central aspect of the liberal narrating of the nation state.

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