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Lear founded numerous politically progressive health organizations and coalitions, including the Institute for Community Health and Social Medicine.
For politically progressive reasons, Hirsch won't break with the system that has given progressive pedagogy a stranglehold.
Moab is home to two of the most spectacular national parks in the country, Arches and Canyonlands, and it's also one of the most politically progressive communities in Utah.
In her selection of essays, Rae questions the extent to which resistant mourning can be politically progressive, making space for social or political reform.
Percy Adlon's idiosyncratic approach to German-American encounters, which links comedy with art house inclinations, brings a more socially and politically progressive agenda back within the frame.
Raised by politically progressive Jewish parents--mom Dottie is a delightful interviewee--Berkowitz was an avid, "out" campus radical at Rutgers U.
The point is that the Black church was socially determinate, politically progressive, economically growing, educationally forward, spiritually relevant and visionary.
Written by Renald Iacovelli, whose other credits include writing for the politically progressive journal "Russian Roulette", The Polity of Beasts is a savage allegorical novel about the power plays of modern politics.
Thus Los cuerpos de Eva helps explain both the politically progressive concern with the welfare of the Argentine masses and the political intolerance that characterizes the "Artefact Eva," as muchas it elucidates the real-life Eva Peron.
This volume contends that "a fresh consideration of spirituality might reinvigorate and strengthen politically progressive materialist criticism" (3) and offers ten commentaries from this vantage on seven plays and the sonnets.
The Weekly survived until 1972, earning "Izzy" powerful admirers and detractors, as well as less influential readers who knew they could learn something fresh from his painstaking reporting informed by a politically progressive sensibility.
He counted among his friends many of the more prominent social reformers and politically progressive artists of his day: Jane Addams, Clarence Darrow, Eugene O'Neill, Upton Sinclair, Lincoln Steffens, Georgia O'Keeffe--the list goes on.