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Lear has been a health activist for more than 55 years and is a founder and leader of politically progressive health organizations such as the Medical Committee for Human Rights.
1) Reading about a movie flogging the travails of bisexuality, from the unique perspective of Michael Huffington, known heretofore only for two spectacular losses: his obscenely expensive Senate campaign against Dianne Feinstein and his 11-year marriage with politically progressive diva Arianna.
Cash's complex struggle between faith and sin is barely touched on, and his cultural eminence as a politically progressive patriot - in an era when the country was at partisan extremes - is completely overlooked.
I once lost a whole night's sleep to the '90s Channel, an independent and politically progressive cable network.
But even Arkin owes Hynix a debt of gratitude in one sense: The plant's arrival on the Eugene landscape sparked the creation of politically progressive causes such as the Citizens for Public Accountability organization and the city of Eugene's adoption of more stringent toxics reporting rules.
Over a half century, Chicago-born Terkel became famous for interviewing Americans from a politically progressive perspective.
Think: Loving profile of the longtime politically progressive gospel vocal group.
This summer, he will represent the United States at the Venice Biennale, and one has to think that his even-keeled, politically progressive stance will come in handy.
El Salvador has experienced an explosion of new universities in recent years, a trend beginning in the late 1980s when President Jose Napoleon Duarte encouraged the creation of alternatives to the politically progressive University of El Salvador and the Jesuit-sponsored Central American University.
Sorenson's campaign coordinator, Shane Kavanaugh, said the candidate was planning to make a modest media buy to put ads on a few Portland and Eugene radio stations, such as those that carry the politically progressive "Air America" national programming.
Isabel quickly gets a job with a Mary McCarthy-ish, expatriate American author, Olivia Pace (Glenn Close under an alarming gray fall), and almost as quickly beds the scruffily adorable Yves (Romain Duris), who works for Olivia's politically progressive charity.