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in the process of transpiring and photosynthesizing, says Nowak, trees can make some pollutants disappear.
The draft guidelines propose similar standards for eight other pollutants, including cadmium, mercury, lead, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen chloride.
It's the action of chemical pollutants on the endocrine system that defines how they are thought to harm life.
In the past, a major source was defined as a plant emitting more than 100 tons/yr of a smog-causing pollutant.
Although a comprehensive approach to reducing emissions requires both technology and TDM strategies, TDM strategies are notable since they reduce emissions of all air pollutants from motor vehicles, unlike technologies that target specific pollutants.
Indeed, even pollutants that don't have a NOAEL may have nonlinear effects at low doses, notes Bernard Weiss of the University of Rochester (N.
Burning -- -- such as coal and oil emits air pollutants.
These are pollutants that all derive from vehicle emissions and the combustion of fossil fuels,'' said W.
The sources of pollutants vary greatly, as does the sensitivity of individuals," says Hal Levin, editor and publisher of Indoor Air Bulletin.
The purpose of the study was to measure motorists' personal exposure to common motor vehicle pollutants in Los Angeles and Sacramento.
Alan Lloyd, ARB Chairman said, "We're learning that peoples' highest daily exposure to air pollutants may be during their commute to and from work.
for which either the National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) or New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) were proposed after November 15, 1990;