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Clearly, the choice of lags for specific pollutants and for the weather variables--temperature, and relative humidity--should be based on biological considerations whenever possible.
However, because many people have compromised immune systems, Lave says that before raising the acceptable environmental limits of a pollutant, "I'd want to know if we see a [beneficial] hormetic response in those people, or babies with undeveloped immune systems, or the elderly." Moreover, he says, effects at low doses tend to be subtle, so "I'd want to see them documented in humans, not just animals"--and to know at precisely what dose they turn detrimental.
One editor says that the damage from the pollutants arising from the hostile fire must be direct, as when smoke discolors a nearby building and permeates its contents.
One standard approach for examining the health effects of multiple pollutants is to include each pollutant as an independent risk factor simultaneously in a single epidemiologic model (Bell et al.
Reviewing of the process of CO and PM10 pollutants in hourly scale at selected stations in the study area, showed a spatial-temporal changes in this pollutants.
Study results suggest that the mixture of pollutants reduced estrogen activity in the liver through enhancing an enzyme in charge of estrogen elimination.
The lawsuit asks EPA to identify CAFO pollutants as criteria pollutants or pollutants that affect the public health.
A bank of US government agencies requested the study on sources, transport, and destiny of four specific classes of pollutants: ozone and its precursors, fine particulate matter and its precursors, atomic and molecular mercury, and persistent organic pollutants.
The Results: On the days with high ambient levels of all these pollutants, except ozone, there were more cases of bronchiolitis.
He further pointed out that high purchase prices have cost Iran a lack of necessary tools and equipment to measure the level of certain pollutants.
Emissions of around two-thirds of the 50 industrial air and water pollutants have dropped, particularly nitrogen pollutants released into water bodies (-14.5%), different types of phosphorous (-12%) and emissions of dioxins/furans into the atmosphere (-22.5%).
The studies are establishing that aquatic animals exposed to pollutants miss chemical cues that have life-and-death consequences, says ecotoxicologist Gregory C.