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New Delhi [India], Jan 5 ( ANI ): The Supreme Court on Friday asked the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to analyse the effect of firecracker ban in the national capital in terms of pollution.
The Manila health department also said it would designate a pollution control officer to regularly submit monitoring reports on emission levels, also vowing to conduct 'regular laboratory tests' to determine the crematorium's pollution levels.
A Review of Air Pollution Control in Beijing: 1998-2013, which was also released today, analyzed measures implemented since Beijing began launching air pollution control programmes, which saw a steady downward trend in the concentrations of many harmful pollutants.
Schnelle, Dunn, and Ternes present readers with the second edition of their comprehensive handbook for air pollution control technologies utilized in a variety of settings around the world.
CECO will pay the shareholders in Met-Pro, which provides product recovery, pollution control, fluid handling and filtration solutions, a consideration of USD7.25 per share in cash and USD6.50 per share in common stock, such that some 53% of the Met-Pro shares will be swapped for cash and 47% for stock.
But the Delhi Pollution Control Board ( DPCB) has been completely callous and done nothing.
Northshore Mining Co, a company that engages in the mining and processing of taconite, a low-grade iron ore, has agreed to pay a USD26,087 civil penalty to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
with the ability to meet customers' increasing demand for their dust collection and air pollution control equipment as well as the exciting new CMAXX dust and fume collector.
Frost & Sullivan today noted that a "significant increase" in air pollution control equipment technologies is on tap for the EU with the addition of 10 new member states and announced it will offer a Web-based briefing on the topic February 1.
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced that Fremont, OH-based Woodbridge Corporation, a manufacturer of polyurethane foam seats for the automotive industry, will pay the agency $40,000 following an agreement to resolve violations of the company's air pollution control permit.
* pollution control and prevention projects--create a simplified process for companies that undertake environmentally beneficial projects;
These rules required each industry generating hazardous waste to obtain authorization from its state pollution control board.

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