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As we have noted, because poltergeist activity occurs rarely and lasts such a short time, objective study would naturally prove extremely difficult.
Though there is no clear explanation of how the phenomena occur, poltergeist activity has been well documented by numerous researchers in the past, and further scientific evidence of its existence is necessary only for those among us who are most skeptical (Palmer, 1974).
We will never know for sure whether this unexplained manifestation is poltergeist activity, or something completely innocent.
Ghosts make themselves felt in a number of ways and unfortunately Sarah's letter does not say whether this is poltergeist activity or it's a presence only she can feel.
From headless women to haunted pubs, ghostly miners to poltergeist activity, Huddersfield and the Holme and Colne valleys have the lot.
With barely-concealed glee, Darren, who now lives in Howdon, North Tyneside, said: "The thing about it is that it went on for so long - poltergeist activity usually lasts three months - and we were on it virtually from the start.
And Willington Mill in Wallsend has a reputation for being plagued with poltergeist activity, said to be caused by Kitty the mill ghost - a woman accidently killed when her hair was caught in a millstone.
The first time it happened I thought poltergeist activity was afoot, but now I now it's the ghost in the machine.
The family who lived there experienced poltergeist activity in their rented home between August 1977 and September 1978 with furniture appearing to move by itself.
The farmhouse had been troubled by poltergeist activity for some time and, one morning, a servant was crossing a nearby field when she noticed running before her a pure white mouse.
UPRI research and is interested in all types of unexplained phenomena, and we have worked together on several projects involving hauntings, Spirits and Poltergeist activity.
There is quite a lot of poltergeist activity in this house.