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This interpretation was recently supported by a study by Houran and Thalbourne (2001), which showed that 'transliminality" (the hypothesised tendency for psychological material, including perceptual stimuli, to cross thresholds into or out of consciousness) correlates with apparitional, haunt, and poltergeist phenomena.
ABSTRACT: Although it has long been suspected that haunt and poltergeist phenomena form a hierarchy, compelling empirical evidence for this suggestion has been lacking.
Roll on poltergeist phenomena to make this argument, making the observation from Roll's work that poltergeist phenomena are associated with psychological dysfunction.
The authors' definition of poltergeist is extraordinarily broad (despite being broken down into three distinct categories) and the consistent blurring of the lines between poltergeist phenomena and other spiritual activity (such as hauntings and psychic phenomena) eventually proves confusing.
Fatima Regina Machado (Brazil) discussed the psychology of poltergeist phenomena, and Wellington Zangari (Brazil) reviewed ganzfeld theory and research.
Over the past decade or so, this trend toward a material basis for the mental has affected parapsychology also: Consider the number of studies relating psi phenomena to geomagnetic effects, the suggestion by Bill Roll that poltergeist phenomena may be related to brain abnormality, and the argument I gave for naturalism in my Presidential Address to the Parapsychological Association (Edge, 1990); and in an invited address at the 1995 PA convention, Ed May argued strongly for a materialist basis to parapsychology.