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POLYANDRY. The state of a woman who has several husbands.
     2. Polyandry is legalized only in Tibet. This is inconsistent with the law of nature. Vide Law of Nature.

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2015), we can conclude that our four EPY are probably not the case of sequential polyandry because all young came most likely from the first clutches of the entire nesting period.
The respondents feared that the decline in sex ratio might lead to degradation of moral values in the society resulting in polyandry, violence against women, red trafficking etc.
The traditional privileged position or status of tribal women within groups is going through change, which is reflected in the shifting trend in Indian tribal societies from the matrilineal system to the patrilineal system and often from polyandry to monogamy practice (Mann, 1996).
Monoandry and polyandry in bumble bees (Hymenoptera: Bombinae) as evidenced by highly variable microsatellites.
Polyandry, a wife's having multiple husbands, has never been permitted under Jewish law.
The novels investigation into the titillating world of African polyandry comes in the guise of ethnographic writing, only to deconstruct its mechanisms and underline the active role played by informants in a form of discourse that appears to exclude them.
If Texas' gay marriage laws are not constitutional, there's no guarantee that the court won't open up marriage to polygamy and polyandry.
This differs from polyandry (multiple husbands) and polygyny (multiple wives), which are contractual.
However, my views originated within our local culture, with its apparent, modern disinterest in poetry, which was more than enough reason for people not to take notice of my views in this age of airplanes and humanitarian polyandry.
Yet, though he was undoubtedly mistaken about the existence of polyandry, there is much less certainty with regard to Thomas's moral condemnation of this form of marriage, and so an examination of his criticisms deserves closer attention.
There are also apprehensions that increasing paucity of women may force the revival of polyandry in certain segments of Indian society which are more permissive sections.
Prairie dogs are excellent models for a study of polyandry because they are easy to livetrap, mark, and observe.