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POLYANDRY. The state of a woman who has several husbands.
     2. Polyandry is legalized only in Tibet. This is inconsistent with the law of nature. Vide Law of Nature.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Pahari and Tibetan Polyandry Revisited." Ethnology 17, no.
As the trio gears up for the marriage, several reactions and connotations have surfaced over the case of Polyandry which is uncommon.
Here we examine the roles of polyandry and multiple paternity for the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of color pattern polymorphism in the pygmy grasshopper Tetrix subulata, a small (up to 15-mm body length, average dry body mass ca 0.07 g), diurnal, ground dwelling insect species that inhabits biomes ranging from tropical rainforests to arctic regions of Europe, Asia and America (Rehn & Grant 1955; Holst 1986).
(37.) Polyandry: form of marriage in which a woman has two or more husbands at the same time, a form rarely met nowadays only in some islands in the Pacific Ocean, according to Mic dicfionar enciclopedic.
The treatments consisted of: 1) a male and a female, one day old kept together for their entire life (n = 35) (monogamy) (control); 2) a single female receiving a virgin male no older than one day (n = 18) (polyandry); 3) a single female receiving a three days old virgin male (n = 15) (polyandry); 4) a single male receiving a virgin female not older than one day (n = 15) (polygyny), and 5) a single male receiving a three days old virgin female (n = 16) (polygyny).
Marriage pattern Monogamy 39 35.5 Polygamy 36 31.8 Polyandry - - Extended 24 21.8 Others 12 10.9 Total 110 100 f.
Among the 13 papers here are discussions of ancient Greek polyandry as reflected in the mythic/epic tradition, a second preliminary report on archaeological field work in ancient Kalydon during 2005, Macedonian craftsmanship in Crimean tombs from the late fourth to the early third centuries BC, identifying incubation areas in pagan and early Christian times, and Eustathios of Thessaloniki on Homer's similes as an example of Homeric listeners in Byzantium.
Polyandry, the custom of two or more brothers sharing the same wife and household in order to avoid splitting their parental inheritance, is another form of marriage.
"Equality" comes up a lot in the NAW report; there is even a creature called "polyandry", which I am told means "a woman who has multiple husbands".
Should the law permit a man to have two or more wives or, for that matter, a woman to have two or more husbands (polyandry)?
The authors acknowledge that the preconceived notions the general public holds towards swingers and other individuals participating in alternative lifestyles such as open marriages, polyamory, and polyandry are that persons engaging in such practices are distasteful and undermine the traditional monogamous family unit that has been held as ideal for decades.