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POND. A body of stagnant water; a pool.
     2. Any one has a right to erect a fish pond; the fish in ii are considered as real estate, and pass to the heir and not to the executor. Ow. 20. See Pool; River; Water.

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As they held their silent way along the margin of the pond, again Heyward and the scout stole furtive glances at its appalling dreariness.
You may skate over there if you wish," she said, after a pause for consideration, pointing to a deserted spot at the leeward end of the pond, where the ice was too rough for comfortable skating.
The witch counselled her to go to the pond the first time there was a full moon, and to comb her black hair with a golden comb, and then to place the comb on the bank.
ONCE or twice something moved about with a rustle and a splash amongst the rushes at the side of the pond.
Then I remembered that beyond these ploughed fields he was crossing lay Pilgrim's Pond, for which
Wetting his hair first--a sure sign of apathy--he followed Freddy into the divine, as indifferent as if he were a statue and the pond a pail of soapsuds.
Still the cannon balls continued regularly to whistle and flop onto the ice and into the water and oftenest of all among the crowd that covered the dam, the pond, and the bank.
Between the well and the Round Pond are the cricket-pitches, and frequently the choosing of sides exhausts so much time that there is scarcely any cricket.
If the Truth Pond is in Oz, we'll be sure to find it when we get there.
He often played ships at the Round Pond, but his ship was only a hoop which he had found on the grass.
The Sheep patiently heard their statements, then flung the bone into a pond.
Above the bridge the pond ran up into fringing groves of fir and maple and lay all darkly translucent in their wavering shadows.