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PONE, English practice. An original writ issuing out of chancery, for the purpose of removing a plaint from an inferior court into the superior courts at Westminster. The word signifies "put;" put by gages, &c. The writ is called from the words it contained when in Latin, "Pone per vadium et salvos plegios," &c. Put by gage and safe pledges, &c. See F. N. B. 69, 70 a; Wilkinson on Replevin, Index.

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While he did not announce new projects set out for the Expo, Pone said that announcements will made in the first quarter of 2015.
Miroslav Pone (1902-1976) studied at the Prague Conservatory in the class of the post-Romantic composer Josef Suk, branded by music specialists the founder of the "first generation of Czech Modernism".
Grab remaining hair into a low pone and twist so it starts to fold into itself.
Asylum seeker Edmond Pone wasjust14in1999whenhehidin the back of a lorry and ended up in Tredegar.
By MC1 (SW) Hodges Pone III Fleet Public Affairs Center Northwest
Krenar and fellow Kosovan Edmond Pone, both then 14, arrived in Britain in 1999 after stowing away in the back of a lorry.
Por fin, contra la amenaza grave que pone la idioma espafiol al ingles, sea declarado formalmente ingles la idioma oficial de la gran municipalidad de Valley Park.
Dalla pubblicazione della prima raccolta di racconti, Il gioco segreto (1941), fino ad arrivare all'acceso dibattito su La Storia (1974)--un evento che coinvolse tutte le correnti del giornalismo e della cultura nazionale--ogni lavoro della Morante venne recensito secondo un percorso binario: chi, tra cordiali apprezzamenti e blande denigrazioni, pone l'enfasi sulle doti inventive della scrittrice, mirando ad abrogare i confini tra realta e dimensione onirica; e chi si limita a discutere sull'astoricita di un'arte non riducibile a matrici ideologiche marxiste o sociologiche.
Their menus are going to be different from Canadian tastes as we don't usually eat grits and corn pone.
Partnership (Sebastian Benuen, Tommy Pone and Tony Parsons) of Happy Valley/Goose Bay, Nfld.
D other se 277 seo 3 pan 2 pes 28 pa 6 pe 10 paes 51 pet 5 pysan 1 daes 1 paere 1 paene 1 pysses 1 dan 1 pam 94 dam 8 pisum 1 pone 78 done 1 pisne 1 541 15 15 FEMININE H.
An unusual activity book, this inviting volume draws on Mark Twain's most popular scenarios for creative ideas that range from making a Mississippi sternwheeler to cooking Missouri-fried corn pone.