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SOVEREIGN. A chief ruler with supreme power; one possessing sovereignty. (q.v.) It is also applied to a king or other magistrate with limited powers.
     2. In the United States the sovereignty resides in the body of the people. Vide Rutherf. Inst. 282.

SOVEREIGN, Eng. law. The name of a gold coin of Great Britain of the value of one pound sterling.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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On terrorism, the pontiff explained that to fight terrorism it was important to walk hand in hand, or else we will be defeated.
It also keeps us away from hostility and indifference," The pontiff said earlier.
Others there to greet the pontiff included Mayor of Fingal and Fine Gael Cllr Anthony Lavin, the Ambassador of Ireland to the Holy See Emma Madigan, Cardinal Kevin Joseph Farrell and Cardinal Sean Brady.
Zvi Gluck, the founder and director of Amudim, an organization dedicated to helping Jewish victims of abuse and addiction, also tweeted that the pontiff had pledged "zero tolerance" for the sexual abuse of children and said "We need to keep kids safe."
The first non-European pontiff in 1,300 years experienced a welcome akin to a rockstar visiting the Catholic Church's Asian heartland.
It is not known what the sides discussed, but a Vatican spokesman said the Pope would remain neutral about the Falkland Islands, British territory which is also claimed by the pontiff's homeland, Argentina.
Rai said that in June, a Maronite synod approved the establishment of two new dioceses, for Africa and Venezuela-Colombia, and expressed his hope the pontiff would formally endorse the move.
"With all due respect, pontiff, your mythical God is not solution to any problem.
The jurisdiction of the pontiff in the Roman republic; a third dimension.
FRENZIED crowds of Roman Catholics mobbed the car carrying Pope Francis when he returned to his home continent for the first time as pontiff.
He also mentioned that he would work for peace to "build bridges" between peoples, adding that title "pontiff" means bridge-builder, RT reported.
POPE Francis put his humility on display during his first day as pontiff, stopping by his hotel to pick up his luggage and praying like a pilgrim before a beloved shrine.