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Why 19th century exploits are in the list seems nonsensical, and two of them in the top ten is surely some sort of poor joke.
5 per cent over the year, widely derided up to now as a poor joke.
Borussia Dortmund midfield ace Paul thought it was a poor joke with bad timing
The extravagant celebrations were nothing but a poor joke as countless cricket fans were still mourning the country's abject surrender in Australia and England.
It's a poor joke and boss Sam Allardyce (right) isn't laughing.
A RATHER poor joke put to Rafael Benitez during yesterday's media briefing at Melwood training ground saw him asked whether he was concerned about facing two sides in Havant & Waterlooville this afternoon.
The Eagles looked a poor joke early on, losing their first two games by wide margins with quarterback Donovan McNabb in woeful form.