poorly off

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He could not have been more impressive when clocking an excellent time in the Chesham at Ascot in June, then ran poorly off a two-month break on softish ground at Newbury in August.
It can be used as a primary therapy in treatment-naive patients who are very poorly off and have advanced osteoporosis with multiple prior fractures," Dr.
Yet despite the growing army of pen-pushers, ministers admit two million of the most poorly off are failing to claim council tax benefit.
Those whose institutions come more recently to the game of fund-raising may feel as though we are poorly off by comparison.
We are in fact pretty poorly off in terms of machines and consultants.
Without plastic, you would probably be very poorly off today.
While they are presently poorly off, over the lifespan their situation may be quite good.
"Many will find themselves poorly off - it will be a struggle, not the sort of lifestyle they envisaged in their old age.
The jobs available only leave you poorly off after paying expenses.
There was an excuse for her when she ran poorly off that mark at Galway.
"What correspond most closely here to the Birmingham outshop workers are the makers of small and cheap cutlery, such as pocket knives, and these are some of the most poorly off classes in the town.
"She found a terraced house near to the Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital, but after dad died we were very poorly off.