Popular action

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POPULAR ACTION, punishment. An action given by statute to any one who will sue for the penalty. A qui tam action. Dig. 47, 23, 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Despite these ordinarily applicable standing limits, Scots law recognized an exception to the requirements of title and interest when the pursuer brought a "popular action," or what the Scots referred to (following Roman law) as an actio popularis.
The Misr Al-Qawiya party announced on Saturday its plan to participate by "all possible means of popular action on a joint national" protest with all those who seek what is best for the Egyptian people and to preserve "its lands, rights, and dignity".
These days almost every scope out there is a variable and in some of the currently popular action games, it's necessary to switch magnification in order to engage targets at differing ranges with efficiency and precision.
Plans are under way for a prequel adaptation of the popular action movies which starred the Ballymena-born actor.
ACTION HEROES Exuberant youngsters showed off their talents in the popular Action Song competition yesterday.
The government also revoked the citizenship of other opposition figures, including Alam Al Youm newspaper owner Ahmad Jabr Al Shemmari and Popular Action Movement spokesman Saad Al Ajmi, who was later deported to Saudi Arabia.
However, even in light of such grave injustices and flagrant violations of international law, Palestinians everywhere remain undeterred in engaging in non-violent popular action, including political, legal and diplomatic efforts, to preserve their identity, continuity and presence on Palestinian lands.Regardless of wherever Palestinians live, they will always remain an indivisible part of Palestine.
Rhossili Bay was again voted one of the world's best beaches by respected travel website TripAdvisor, another multi-million pound budget series of Fox TV's popular action series Da Vinci's Demons was filmed in the Bay Studios on Fabian Way, and, close by, the PS450m W Bay Campus, Swansea University's beach-front second campus and one of the biggest knowledge economy projects in Europe, steadily took shape, staying on course to open this year.
Now 40, he is set to appear in the popular action franchise and has also landed a role on Days Of Our Lives, one of the US's longest-running soaps.
The ruling family can no longer lead the government," said an official of the nationalist Popular Action Movement.
In keeping with the currently popular action novels that feature strong heroines, author Reeves uses all the tricks of the trade but still manages to tie things together in her final book.