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Galvin said the Population Estimates Program was funded at $600,000 last fiscal year, which was its first full year, with $100,000 for preliminary research in Suffolk County for fiscal 2007.
First, the correlations for population estimates between the two data sets are not consistent across geographic areas.
The new methodology results in sharply higher population estimates and, hence, higher labor force counts, although overall national estimates are not affected.
O'Brien has filed an appeal with the Census Bureau in which he outlined the city's argument for revising both the population estimate for July 1, 2007, and the methodology used in generating that estimate.
Recalculating these allocations using statistical population estimates from the Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation and the Post Enumeration Survey--independent sample surveys designed to estimate the number of people that were over- and undercounted in the 2000 and 1990 Censuses--would have produced the following results.
The Census Bureau produces county population estimates using the base population from Census 2000 or the revised population estimate for the most recent year.
States receive money based in part on factors such as annual population estimates derived from the previous decennial census, which is conducted by the Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census.
State population estimates for 2002 were released just before Christmas.
Each year the Population Estimates and Projections Area of the Population Division of the Census Bureau routinely develops and releases estimates of the population for the Nation, states, counties, and places.