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X] is known population mean of x, [beta] is population regression coefficient of y on x.
Suppose East Arketia's government now reports that its population mean disposable household income is $925 per month, with a standard deviation of $70.
Figures from demographic consultants, Macroplan Australia, show that record overseas migration and an ageing population mean migrant families will overtake the number of locally born residents within 15 years, far sooner than previously imagined.
They say recession and the soaring elderly population mean more people want to work longer.
The desire of consumers to look good and the ageing of the population mean that cosmeceuticals market will grow quickly over the next five years.
The rising numbers of single and divorced people combined with the growing population mean more folk are on their tod.
This much larger population means that many more people are living family lives, which means more and more schools are desperately needed throughout the country.
This could have "serious implications for the British economy, food security and employment", the report warned - especially as a booming UK population means that, in the coming decades, there will be an extra 13m mouths to feed.
The very small size of this population means that any potential benefit to the quantity of blood supplies would be marginal.
A strong economy and a growing population means a growing tax base that helps us to meet the challenges of growth, Wall said.
Some incorrigible optimists however hold the view that increase in population means more working hands and a larger market, which will help boost industry.