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However, the absolute number of mean annual war deaths increases exponentially (superlinearly) and nearly identically with population sizes across human groups but not chimpanzees.
DNA not only allows us to assess population size but we can also track where fish are born and where they have lived.
For increment (such as population size equals to 500), the second generation have the parents composed of 400 from original population (initial generation) and 100 from first generation; the third population consisted of 300 from original population, 100 from first generation and 100 from second generation.
Population sizes:Population size is also an important factor affecting marker-assisted introgressing efficiency, our study indicated that enlarge population size can increase frequency of favourable allele for introgressing QTL, when population size is larger, the selection space become broader, too, so could easily select individuals suitable for foreground and background, but too large a population size is difficult to accomplish in practice.
Common dormouse population size and density were investigated using a grid of 49 wooden live-traps (18 x 7.
The number of generations (B) exhibited a behavior which was similar to the factor population size (A) for the response variable Time, the most significant for the algorithm convergence time.
Mark-recapture technique has also been employed to estimate the population size of two aeglid species, Aegla platensis and A.
However, no previous study has documented a significantly negative relationship between population size and reproduction for the turkey (6), (7).
To gain insight into whether a reduction in population size has occurred in the past, we examined the distribution of the observed number of differences between pairs of haplotypes, The distribution is usually multimodal in samples drawn from populations at demographic equilibrium, as it reflects the highly stochastic shape of gene trees, but is expected to be unimodal in populations that have undergone a recent demographic expansion (Rogers and Harpending, 1992).
5 Control frequency and population size Sample size Quarterly 4 2 Monthly 12 2-4 Semi-monthly 24 2-8 Weekly 52 5-9 Source: AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide, Audit Sampling, table 3.
Rea[degrees]-time PCR has been successfully used for quantification of AOB population size in soil targeting ammonia monooxygenase gene amoA (Okano et al.

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