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These data offer HIV prevention program planners some much-needed precision in key population size estimates," commented Population Council researcher Jerry Okal.
The new method could revolutionise how whale population size is estimated.
Inter-census changes in the population size of medium-sized cities in Poland, 2002 and 2011 46 9.
The population size of Duroc was the smallest in three breeds because it is mainly used as the terminal paternal line in crossbreeding production system of DurocxLandracexYorkshire (DLY), and the market demand for it is less in China.
Not long after restoration efforts were initiated using wild turkeys, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) started two independent annual turkey surveys in 1979, which coincided with Eberhardt's (2) recommendation that both reproduction and population size be estimated independently.
Earlier, this method of estimating population size and distribution was successfully used to estimate the grizzly bear population size in the Glacier National Park - Bob Marshall Wilderness complex in northern Montana.
Studies have indicated that N fertilization could increase AOB population size and nitrification activity in arable soils (Hermansson & Lindgren, 2001; Mendum et al.
We do need some national level consensus about our position on population size.
By Sunday, March 27, every household will be expected to have filled in the form which surveys population size, ethnic makeup, age, jobs, marital status and other basic information.
In 2010, while population size of 53 provinces out of 81 was increased, population size of 28 provinces was decreased.
This association was independent of metropolitan population size and the rate of population growth.
TheWelsh capital has more musicians relative to population size than any other city in the UK apart from Bristol, according to research by PRS for Music, which collects artists' royalties.

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