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HOME PORT. The port where the owner of a ship resides; this is a relative term.

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Before The Beatles and football took centre stage, Liverpool's reputation abroad was moulded by these cargo ships and the city's name proudly displayed on their sterns as port of registry.
She delivered part of the Millennium Stadium's roof on her maiden voyage into Cardiff, was put under the British flag and, at Douglas' insistence, had Cardiff as her port of registry.
The construction schedule calls for shipyard trials in September, owner's trials in November, and then, if all goes according to plan, a delivery date in December and a naming ceremony in Southampton, the QM2's port of registry, just prior to the ship's maiden voyage, scheduled for January 12, 2004, to Fort Lauderdale.
Even if they made an honest attempt to enforce these regulations, many of these so-called pirate ships never or seldom call upon the port of registry, a problem compounded by the fact that many ships are registered using bearer shares where ownership cannot be traced.
A weighting on the price criterion will be applied by the contracting authority according to the distance from the port of registry of the ship (Le Havre).