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PORTER. The name of an ancient English officer who bore or carried a rod before the justices. The door-keeper of the English parliament also bears this name.
     2. One who is employed as a common carrier to carry goods from one place to another in the same town, is also called a porter. Such person is in general answerable as a common carrier. Story, Bailm. Sec. 496.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Today Portas runs her own eponymous creative agency and has identified a wealth of innovative, dynamic and agile entrepreneurs that are offering consumers experiences that blend technology and human interactions in compelling ways with brands built on networks - online and offline.
But they were never protectionist." - Paulo Portas | Deputy chairman of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce
Portas asked: "Will you put it to the board?" Culmone replied: "I'll see what I can do."
Portas, now of Coulthard Court, South Bank, admitted the March 11 burglary - his 92nd offence but his first crime since his last release from prison in 2014.
It came as Portas, right, denied using a TV show about her attempt to kickstart local initiatives to influence which towns would get Portas Pilot funding.
Portugal's prime minister said Saturday that foreign minister Paulo Portas, whose resignation this week sparked a political crisis, will remain in government and get a bigger role under a deal to hold the ruling coalition together.
Left Harvey Nichols in 1997 to launch her own retail agency and fronted her first television series, Mary Queen of Shops on BBC Two in 2007 before moving to Channel 4 in 2011 with Mary Portas: Secret Shopper.
Ms Portas was brought in by the Prime Minister to help breathe life into struggling high streets and spearheaded "Portas pilot" regeneration projects in 27 English towns, including Newbiggin-by-the-Sea and Berwick, in Northumberland.
Ms Portas - dubbed Queen of Shops - told a packed pavilion at the Hay Festival that all hope was not lost for traditional shopping centres that have lost out to out-of-town superstores and the internet.
The 12 "Portas pilot" towns in England to benefit from her expertise were named yesterday.
Twelve town centres have been named as the first "Portas pilots", entitling them to funding and expert advice as they seek to regenerate their high streets.
THE Government's acceptance of "virtually all" retail guru Mary Portas's high street recommendations was given a lukewarm reception in North Wales.