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BSP registered foreign portfolio investment gross outflows of $2 billion in May, and gross inflows of $1.2 billion.
As explained by the BEA, the change for future reporting burdens is based on one simple fact or circumstance -- control (private funds making portfolio investments who 10% or more voting or controlling interests in an operating company).
The central bank recorded outflows in portfolio investment of $4.8 million in July 2015.
Keywords: Net portfolio investment Foreign direct investment Market capitalization Trade openness M2 Weighted average rate of return on deposit Pakistan
Main Street makes debt and equity portfolio investments to back management buyouts, recapitalisation, growth financing, refinancings and takeovers of companies active in many sectors.
According to Renee Lewis, managing director, portfolio investments, Hudson expects to achieve the highest asset value over the hold period through workouts, restructurings, discounted payoffs, foreclosures, repositioning and sales.
A good deal of activity was seen in the bourses with an inflow of $62.5 million in the portfolio investment, according to the National Clearing company of Pakistan Ltd.
Certainly, there are investment opportunities aplenty, among them portfolio investment in Japanese companies and consultancy and management of the country's $14 trillion in personal assets.
Portfolio investment, assets -2 225 -10 182 -9 720 -13 860 -6 537
The program's portfolio investment, meanwhile, is projected to plunge 59.1% to 5.54 trillion yen, due mainly to an anticipated decline in postal savings as many time deposits will mature during the next fiscal year.
Growth in cross-border securities investments mushroomed in the 1980s as portfolio investment became increasingly attractive and lending by international banks declined.
Foreign portfolio investment inflow into the Philippines in the first quarter of 1998 was up 7% to 425.3 million U.S.

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