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The Carousel Portlet is an easy to use solution that provides a continuous, circular navigation of a collection of images or divs.
This architecture helps ensure that the portal remains open to resources hosted on a wide range of application servers, and unaffected by faults in any one portlet.
Designed to decrease the time and complexity required to deploy content for corporate portals, the new software offers an intuitive interface that allows users to build portlets - the units of information that together make up a portal page.
The SCM Portlet engages uPortal's built-in lifecycle workflow (created, approved, published, expired) and delegated administration features to provide a simple way to add new content to an institutional portal.
The InfoView Portlet Suite, with its robust user and administrative capabilities, has enabled our portal team to deliver on some of our business requirements in a fraction of the time of using previous methods," said the Director of Enterprise Applications of a large PortletWorks customer.
Users can change a value in one portlet and have it reflected in another.
The Oracle Portlet Factory helps organizations significantly enhance their ability to integrate data from disparate applications.
the leading provider of open source software consulting services for the education market, today announced new portlet development services.
The integration between IFS Applications and IBM WebSphere Portal is based on open standards that are implemented using the Java(TM) Portlet API (JSR 168).
Portlet tools - In addition to the release of JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 4.
Hot-Deployable Themes -- the ability to change a portal's look-and-feel on the fly without restarting the server (application server must support hot-deploy); -- Drag-and-Drop Portlets -- eliminates the need to use up/down arrows to move a portlet on a page.
This course serves as an introduction and guide to developing standards-compliant portlets and covers items from the Portlet API and the building and deployment of portlets to techniques for organizing code in a clean architecturally-sound way.