Positive Evidence

Positive Evidence

Direct proof of the fact or point in issue, as distinguished from circumstantial proof; proof that if believed, establishes the truth or falsity of a fact in issue and does not arise from a presumption.



References in classic literature ?
The one chance of relieving his mind from the dreadful uncertainty that oppressed it, by obtaining positive evidence of the truth, was a chance annihilated by the Countess's death.
All of which the gutter-cat did, despite the positive evidence of her senses that this human noise had proceeded from the white bird itself on the window-sill.
4; Phaedo 97); and a deep thinker like him in his thirty or forty years of public teaching, could hardly have falled to touch on the nature of family relations, for which there is also some positive evidence in the Memorabilia (Mem.
And one bad symptom is that she denies everything--denies that she has had a child in the face of the most positive evidence.
They had, I think, one positive evidence against each of them, but the law strictly obliging them to have two witnesses, they could make nothing of it.
My first necessity was to secure positive evidence in writing of the discovery that I had just made, and in the event of any personal misadventure happening to me, to place that evidence beyond Sir Percival's reach.
Not when that girl is as tranquil-hearted as Lucy, thoroughly possessed with a belief that she knows the state of her companions' affections, and not prone to the feelings which shake such a belief in the absence of positive evidence against it.
Holmes, which gave us one of the few bits of positive evidence that came out at the inquest.
Burns had had no personal knowledge of that affair, but positive evidence of it existed in the shape of a photograph taken in Haiphong.
After enduring a torrid start to the year, the Philip Hobbs team are beginning to show signs they have now turned the corner and rolling Dylan's comfortable victory in the 2m71/2f novice chase was more positive evidence.
The MS Society UK changed its policy position to call on the UK Government and health bodies to 'develop a system that legalises cannabis for medicinal use' in light of positive evidence of the use of cannabis in treating both spasticity and pain.
You have to look for positive evidence as to why you should NOT have the phobia.

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