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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's surprise visit to Saudi Arabia has stolen the limelight in Beirut, which was watching the "reverberations" of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to Lebanon from a positive angle, AN NAHAR's columnist Samir Mansour said in his column on Sunday.
Punters looking for a positive angle on the clash from a Town perspective will note that Saints have won just one of their last four on the road.
25 per min LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23 There's a positive angle of success this week but only if you have a sobering approach to share and a sense of reality.
I look at the presidential system from a positive angle.
Rather than approaching the issue negatively, Anastassiades said he would "look at it from a positive angle, meaning let's test it and see if this is a communication game of Mr Erdogan or does Turkey really mean what it says".
Those are difficult stats to argue a positive angle for Dontpaytheferryman, but when you see he has had only one start at Southwell, resulting in a close third off a 6lb higher mark than his current mark, it's not all bad news.
I am not a pessimist and I appreciate your looking at things from a positive angle, but your comments are highly misplaced.
They should be made to look at the issues in a positive angle," she said.
But he knows his rehabilitation from a nightmare spell at Celtic under Gordon Strachan will come in small steps and used his new maturity to look at the positive angle of his Far East experience.
Your sign is that of a natural counsellor at this time, and there's much you can do to help them look at life from a more positive angle.
Upon varying the tilt positive angle ([alpha]) shown in Figure 6, results of the variation of the infiltration rates are shown in Figure 6 for two different flow rates (0.

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