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Positive pressure ventilation allows immediate re-expansion of the lung and forces intraperitoneal contents back into the abdomen.
Wahlen and colleagues showed that clinically undetected LMA malpositioning is a significant risk factor for gastric air insufflation in children between 3 and 11 years, undergoing positive pressure ventilation, especially at inspiratory airway pressures above 17 cmH2O.
General anaesthesia in pregnancy usually mandates controlled positive pressure ventilation facilitated by cuffed tubes placed in the trachea, either awake using a bronchoscope or under general anaesthesia following rapid sequence induction.
Relieving the respiratory workload by positive pressure ventilation can make a major contribution to meeting oxygen demand, and thereby taking strain off of a taxed heart, reducing oxygen extraction and increasing mixed venous and arterial blood saturations.
Two jets were used and a positive pressure ventilation fan to extinguish the fire.
ConchaTherm[R] Neptune[R]: When combined with the ResMed NIV interface, this heated humidifier works to promote patient compliance to Non Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation (NPPV), which has been associated with higher survival rates and reduction of nosocomial infections.
ZA8 positive pressure ventilation Contini APNEA AND MONITORING SYSTEM FOR ELECTRONIC oxygen flow INFANT FLOW SIPAP 2
However, when intermittent positive pressure ventilation is performed for a patient under general anesthesia the intrapleural pressure suddenly increases and can cause it to develop into tension Pneumothorax.
Four firefighters wore breathing apparatus and used positive pressure ventilation.
One of the major concerns is its low-pressure seal that is not resistant to high positive pressure ventilation (PPV).
They also used two positive pressure ventilation fans to clear the building of smoke.

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