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POSSESSOR. He who holds, detains or enjoys a thing, either by himself or his agent, which he claims as his own.
     2. In general the possessor of personal chattels is presumed to be the owner; and in case of real estate he has a right to receive the profits, until a title adverse to his possession has been established, leaving him subject to an action for the mesne profits. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Possessor is the largest manager of state-owned holdings, managing state-owned shares in 20 enterprises.
Under Article 428 of the Civil Code, the owner has a right of action against the holder and possessor of the thing in order to recover it.
The NHMP patrolling officers Rana Naveed and Inayat Ullah promptly responded to the call and took the money into their custody and made efforts to handover the belonging to its possessor.
Perhaps Doug has a possessor of both expertise and an iron spine in mind?
In linguistic terms, there are two entities: a possessor and a possessed (also designated as a possessum, possessee) which are in a possessive relation (designated as a relator).
One substantial difficulty with the baseline possessory rules that allow the first possessor of an object to become its just possessor, and in effect its private owner, is that despite Chartier's claim to the contrary this rule might run afoul of his Principle of Fairness.
(12) Second, productive use provides a fairness-based limitation on the scope of property rights, making sure both that the initial possessor has done something to merit the property right and allowing for necessary reallocation when the productive use of a subsequent claimant outstrips the productive use of the initial claimant.
However, the vehicle turns out to be an alien scout with a life of its own which before long embroils Sam in an intergalactic war between two factions of giant shape-changing robots, which have come to Earth to find a mystical cube that grants infinite power to its possessor. Michael Bay's sci-fi action adventure, with Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Jon Voight and John Turturro.
Possessor of one of the defining tenor saxophone voices in jazz, he had been a giant of the genre since being a vital member of the Duke Ellington Orchestra in the early 1940s, yet this was his first visit to Europe and to Ronnie's.
d) Events of creation or obtaining of an item for an intended possessor, hence involving the semantic role of Beneficiary
(18) Most American statutes of limitation do not expressly state that the former owner can lose title to an adverse possessor after the running of the statute.
In this article, 'documentary owner' or 'true owner' will refer to the owner of the land, and 'adverse possessor' will refer to the person able or intending to claim a right to land under the traditional doctrine or under a statutorily modified version.