Post Mortem

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Post Mortem

[Latin, After death.] Pertaining to matters occurring after death. A term generally applied to an autopsy or examination of a corpse in order to ascertain the cause of death or to the inquisition for that purpose by the Coroner .

post mortem

n. Latin for "after death," an examination of a dead body to determine cause of death, generally called an autopsy. (See: coroner)

See: posthumous

POST MORTEM. After death; as, an examination post mortem, is an examination made of a dead body to ascertain the cause of death; an inquisition post mortem, is one made by the coroner.

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Ligatures and ties serve no relevant purpose in post mortem nursing care or in promoting a pleasant appearance of the deceased in the casket.
The post Post mortem Friday morning after woman found in field appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
But the Edinburgh man's grieving family delayed his funeral and paid for their own post mortem in Scotland to try to piece together what happened to him.
A second post mortem has taken place in a bid to discover the exact cause of her death and police plan to make further inquiries at the care home where she lived for a number of years.
A POST mortem exam was being carried out last night on a man who drowned in a lake in Co Cavan.
Mr Cotter said it was unlikely that a great deal would be found from a second post mortem examination but it was safer to carry one out for subsequent police inquiries or any future trial.
Problems were missed in 39 per cent of cases when medical records were compared to post mortem results.
Police were today awaiting the results of a post mortem examination, but were treating the death as drug related.
He said: "It is not always possible to properly examine an organ between a post mortem and a funeral.
A post mortem is expected to determine the cause of death of the teenage girl, 16, who died suddenly in Peyia on Tuesday evening while out to dinner with her family.
Mardan -- After five hours waiting for the lady doctor in Mardan Medical Complex (MMC) a citizen brought back the dead body of his sister without post mortem on Wednesday.