Post nuptial

POST NUPTIAL. Something which takes place after marriage; as a post nuptial settlement, which is a conveyance made generally by the husband for the benefit of the wife.
     2. A post nuptial settlement is either with or without consideration. The former is valid even against creditors, when in other respects it in untainted with fraud. 4 Mason, 443; 2 Bailey 477. The latter, or when made without consideration, if bona fide, and the husband be not involved at the time, and it be not disproportionate to his means, taking his debts and situation into consideration, is valid. 4 Mason, 443.7 See 4 Dall. 304; Settlement; Voluntary conveyance.

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To give you more certainty if the worst should happen and you want to try to protect non-matrimonial assets then it is advisable to enter into a pre and/or post nuptial agreement or a Declaration of Trust where there is a property.
Our Godwin Ronquillo family law team provides a complete spectrum of representation for individuals who face legal issues, such as divorce, child custody and visitation, pre and post nuptial agreements and domestic violence.
For specialist advice on pre-nuptial, post nuptial or cohabitation agreements, or any other matrimonial issues, please contact myself Margaret Simpson, head of the Family Team at Dickinson Dees in the Tees Valley, at margaret.
3: A prenuptial or post nuptial agreement together with a confidentiality provision is probably a must for many CEOs.
Then the feeling hits, it is called post nuptial depression or PND.
The law firm's services cover every distinct area of family law, such as divorce proceedings, child and spousal support cases, restraining orders, pre-nuptial and post nuptial agreements as well as many other types of family law cases.
The team comprises specialist family law practitioners, who all belong to Resolution and specialises in helping clients resolve financial issues, issues relating to children (including child support), cohabitation agreements and disputes, civil partnerships and pre-and post nuptial agreements.
According to an eminent psychotherapist, after the madness comes what is described as post nuptial depression (PND).
Particular emphasis is placed on complex financial issues and bespoke wealth protection advice, often involving pre or post nuptial agreements as well as cohabitation agreements.
He promised the post nuptial celebrations would turn into a champagne party lasting into the small hours of tomorrowcrrt.
He promised the post nuptial celebrations will turn into a champagne party lasting into the small hours of the following day.