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However, senior postmaster of a post office in the city, when contacted, said that the postage stamps of Rs 60 denomination have arrived while those of Rs 50 and Rs 100 were awaited.
Part 2 - Commemorative Postage Stamps printed using offset at a target 11 020 000 units (24 items publishing formats)
In a spin on the Yanks' process of determining by public vote whether a young or old Elvis Presley should be made into a postage stamp, designers are asking fans to cast their ballots for a young or old Garcia to appear beside Queen Elizabeth's royal cipher on a stamp of the crown colony of Montserrat, a Caribbean island in the British West Indies.
The book gives a graphic account of history and evolution of postage stamps.
Eric Olivarez (1st District, ParaEaque City) filed House Bill 2417, mandating the Philippine Postal Service to cause the printing of postage stamps depicting Philippine tourist spots and require that these stamps be affixed on all outgoing mail matter.
In keeping with its tradition of issuing postage stamps on Olympics since 1968, India Post released a set of four commemorative postage stamps and a souvenir sheet in New Delhi today.

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