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The most significant changes to the postal money orders are the colour schemes and the addition of a windowed holographic thread.
Philpost has also inked a deal with the Department of Health for the postal delivery of medicines to the barrios and has initiated a remittance service under its postal money order business, using its more than 300 post offices connected to the Internet to transfer cash instantly.
The fee must be submitted in the form of a company check, certified check, cashiers check, treasurers check, bank money order, or United States postal money order.
MANILA -- The Bureau of Customs (BOC) seized a mail parcel from Africa declared as "letters and cards" but contained United States postal money order vouchers amounting to about P28 million following a tipoff from French authorities.
A certified check, cashiers check, or United States Postal money order shall be made payable to the order of the City of Cheyenne.
Casinos, the postal money order market, bulk cash smuggling, wire transfers, remittances, the securities markets in the U.
Under the automatic-payment scheme, PDIC will pay the insured amount by mailing a postal money order (PMO) to the concerned depositor.
Such Bid Guarantee Shall Be A Bid Bond (Individual Or Annual, Provided, That Bonding Is Available For Such Services, Equipment Or Materials), Postal Money Order, Certified Check, Cashiers Check, Letter Of Credit, Or Certain Bonds Or Note Of The United States.
As she had done annually, his aunt Jackie Sims-Bowman, a resident of South Carolina, had sent him a portion of her tax return, $1,000 in two $500 postal money orders, to buy post-Christmas cheer for his four children, among other things.